Today Funding Solutions 2019


We are looking for compassionate, motivated, articulate people who love helping people to become debts free.


The Product:

The Hardship Program enables Customers to only have to pay back 45% of what they owe (credit card debt, medical debt, private student loan debt, and any other unsecured debt), over 12-36 months, Interest Free. The Program also comes with Free Credit Repair.


NOTE: We provide the Hardship Program, NOT debt settlement.


How many people do you know who are in debts and can use this program?



5% of the total debt enrolled.


NOTE: The average debt enrolled in the debt relief Industry is $30,000.

Let's use $30,000 as example with 30 months payment.

$30,000 x 5%= $1,500 paid to you. Every month you will get $50 for 30 months.


Do this part time just signing up 20 clients a month make $1,000 a month. Keep on signing and you will build a residual income.


Work from home.


Can Start ASAP.

Position is 1099, independent contractor, commission only pay, responsible for your own tax, work when you want too.

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