Business owners, are you impacted by COVID-19?

SBA relief funding for small businesses. Every small business is affected by COVID19. We are here to help you. We have partners who are licensed to deploy this relief funding. You will get the lowest interest rate business loans in history from 1- 3%.  A Local Relief Agent (LRA) will work with you to set up your SBA loan for this COVID 19 pandemic. Please leave your name and number and we will get back to you. 


Our services are 100% FREE if you are applying for the SBA 7(a) PPP (Paycheck Protection Program)

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A Local Relief Agent will get back to you to help you apply for the SBA Loan.

Line Of Credit Loan

Why work with us?



Get  a business line of credit to get you started .

no documents

Quick approval

NO Upfront Costs

NO Collateral Required

NO Minimum Time in Business

NO Minimum Income Requirements

NO Interest - 0% APR For Up To 20 Months

NO Tax Returns, Financials, or Documents Required

NO Restrictions On Use - Funding Now Available For Startups Too!

0% for up to 20 months

interest rates apr

Credit lines at 0% APR for up to 20 months, and low interest cash loan.



No Restrictions. 

Funding Can Be Used For Any Purpose.


Use it for 

  • Start up business or personal

  • Expand your business 

  • Purchase an investment property, home, car

  • Go on vacation

  • Anything and for any purposes.....

Applying for Funding
Do you need credit repair?
Do you want to apply for the Home Down Payment Assistance Grant Program?

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Why Get a Personal Credit Line?


Get the money you need to accomplish what you need to do today, continue to access your line to pay for what you need tomorrow. 


Why Should I Work With You and Not Apply For Funding On My Own?

There are many reasons why you should work with Today Funding Solutions instead of trying to secure funding on your own.


Here Are 4 of The Most important Reasons:


1.) We Work For You!

​We don't work for the banks. We work for you, to get you the absolute most funding possible; much more than you can obtain on your own walking into a bank.


2.) Get Up To 20X The Funding!

​We help you get up to 20 times what you can obtain on your own, with lower interest, much longer terms, and FASTER. Most banks will take weeks just to tell you No.


3.) 100% Done-For-You Application Process!

​We do all the hard work for you, and complete and submit your applications to our select group of lenders; lenders that we've worked with for years (Lenders Who Are Open To Working With You And Will Most Likely Approve You For Funding).


4.) We Know Which Banks Will Say Yes, and Which Will Say No!

​It's our knowledge and relationships with the banks that make the funding process happen, not just submitting applications.

  • We know the banks and their EXACT guidelines (guidelines they don't advertise to the public).

  • We know which cities and states each financial institution will allow (not all banks lend in all areas).

  • We know how many inquiries each financial institution will allow. If you have just ONE more inquiry than a certain bank will allow (even with an 800 credit score), you will be denied and rejected.

  • Because of inquiry sensitivity, we know in which order each application needs to be submitted.

  • we also know which banks run a soft credit pull (one that does show on your credit report).

  • And Lastly, we know exactly which banks match your credit profile (how many open revolving accounts are required, balance ratios preferred by the lenders, and much more).

Applying for funding on your own can not only ruin your credit, but just ONE bad inquiry can cost you up to $20,000-$100,000 in funding - Why Risk It?


If you are an existing business owner or seeking start-up funding, this applies to you:


Due to the common difficulty in getting traditional funding, entrepreneurs and business owners are often forced to pay high-interest to investors, and give away large percentages of their business in order to secure funding.


You now have instant access to funding, without costly investors, or being forced to give your business away, just to get much needed funding.

$20,000 to $500,000 Available For ANY Purpose

Young Business Colleagues

We work with many partners, we help you get the funding that you need.


We Can Help You Get Up To 20X What You Can Obtain On Your Own,

With Our Select Group Of Promising Lenders...


Let Us Do The Hard Work For You.

Let Us Submit Your Application To Our Network of Lenders;

Lenders That We Have Worked With For YEARS..

Can I get funding with bad credit?

If any of this apply to you:


Having bankruptcy, too many inquiries within the last 6 months, score fall below 680, charge back, or collections, or any negatives on your credit report; we recommend that you repair your credit first in order to apply for funding.  It is best to apply for funding with strong credit to get the highest approval amount you can get and we can help you with that. 

Check out our credit repair section to find out why applying for funding with strong credit is crucial to your financial goals. 

It is worth the wait to repair the credit to get large funding from $20,000-$500,000!

Get access to the best funding you can possibly qualify for.  Draw against your credit lines as often as you like, and only make monthly payments for what you've used. 


  • Funding For Individuals and Businesses of All Sizes (Including Start-ups!)

  • No Collateral Required!

  • No Minimum Income Requirements!

  • No Doc Funding Option (No Tax Returns, Financial Statements, or Bank Records Required! - 100% Signature ONLY Funding Option Now Available!)

  • Revolving Credit Lines With 0% Interest For Up To 20 Months!

  • Cash Loans With Amazing Terms and Low Interest Rates!

  • Fix and Flip Real Estate Funding With No Money Down!

  • Funding Program For Clients Who Need Down Payment Cash To Buy A New Home!

  • Qualify For Up To 20X The Funding That You Can Get On Your Own At The Bank!

  • No Upfront Costs - If We Don't Get You Funding, We Don't Get Paid! - No Hidden Costs!

  • Quick Approval Within Hours - Funding in 1-2 Weeks or Less!

Unsecured Working Capital
Within 2-3 Days, Up to $1 Millions


3 Months Bank Statements
• 3 Months Merchants Accounts
• 6 Months Bank Statements If Merchant
Does Not Accept Credit Cards


Who Qualifies
• 500 Fico
• Tax liens Ok
• Bank Turndowns


Money/Loan Uses
• Anything You Want
• Expansion
• Marketing
• Business Capital


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